Dross Removal Robots


What is Dross?

  • "Dross" can be defined as a mass of solid impurities that float on the surface of a molten galvanizing bath.  Dross forms as a product of oxidation in which the molten bath acquires impurities due to contact with the atmosphere while at elevated temperature (Typically between 800º F & 1100º F depending on alloy composition).  If dross is not regularly removed from the surface of the molten galvanizing bath surface defects on the metal product such as streaking will occur quickly.  Due to the regenerating layer of dross on a molten galvanizing bath, frequent dross removal is required.

Why should you automate your dross removal process?

  • Historically, dross removal has been a manual process in which a human operator must use a long metal spoon to scoop and remove solidified dross matter.  This task, when performed by a human, is dangerous, arduous, and monotonous.  Dangers to the human operator include molten metal splashing, repetitive heavy lifting, high ambient temperature, cramped work conditions, and worst of all... the risk of falling into the molten bath.  These factors make it easy to justify a Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Solution.

What benefits does Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Automation offer?

  • Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Automation offers many advantages over manual (human) dross removal.
    • Drastic improvement in safety and quality of work conditions for employees.
    • Cost reduction due to material conservation and overall process efficiency.
    • Improvement in part quality, galvanizing defects associated with excess dross buildup are eliminated.  Manufacturers' process in excess of 100,000lbs of sheet metal per hour in galvanizing operations, quality defects can cause exponential waste costs if dross is not properly removed.  Therefore, elimination of a single defect can justify Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Automation.
    • Dross removal can be frequency initiated, operator initiated, or can be performed continuously, providing maximum flexibility in the process.
    • Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Automation easily and consistently removes dross buildup while minimizing process waste.

Why choose Nachi Robotic Dross Removal Automation?

  • Nachi is the leading supplier of dross removal robots with over 15 years of experience in dross removal automation.
  • Nachi's first dross removal robot installation took place in 1995 at Stelco Inc.  Since then, Nachi has successfully installed many dross removal robots throughout the world.
  • Nachi has tried, tested, and proven dross removal solutions at many companies in the steel industry.
  • Nachi offers comprehensive engineering and support services including onsite training, setup, programming, and integration.
  • Nachi Robots are designed with high allowable wrist torque to support long dross "spoons".
  • Nachi Robots are built to withstand harsh industrial work environments typical of molten galvanizing applications.


Nachi Dross Applications Video Part 1

Nachi Dross Applications Video Part 2

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