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    • OTC Daihen Welding Components
    • All Nachi/OTC Welding Solutions are Seamlessly Integrated
      • Plug-and-play CAN-bus interface
      • Easy to use menu driven welding parameter
        • Setup directly through the robots’ teach pendant
    • Nachi FD Series Robots
      • Performs GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and PAC processes on a wide variety of materials
      • Manipulators
        • Extremely fast, accurate and hold exceptional path linearity
        • Designed from the ground up with welding process efficiency in mind
  • The WelBee Series Power Sources
    • Features welding industry’s first Nanotechnology components
    • Offers a completely sealed design
      • Eliminates dust intrusion into electrical components
      • Minimizing maintenance requirements
      • Drastically improving reliability in harsh production environments
  • OTC has developed the proprietary LSI Nanotechnology chip
    • Provides fastest arc monitoring feedback of any welding power source on the market today
    • Drastically reduces spatter
    • Improves arc stability
    • Increases welding travel speeds
Using an optional Android tablet app, the tablet can remotely control welding machine settings, monitor critical process variables, troubleshoot, backup, as well as maintain a welding condition database. The optional weld data monitoring system allows the user to remotely monitor and document all essential variables of the welding process to aid in quality control and product traceability. Built in the USB port on the front of the welding machine, allows the operator to easily copy welding procedures from one machine to another without additional programming.