Field Bus I/O

Multiple Field-Bus I/O solutions available, including: EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, FL-Net and CC-Link. Field-bus solutions allow you to expand signal capacity and simplify integration of NRS robots to peripheral equipment, devices and PLC units.

Multiplied I/O

Discreet I/O (Multiplied I/O) is available to pass 24V discreet signals in either NPN or PNP configuration to external devices or PLC units. Discreet I/O can be expanded between 32, 64 or 96 input and output signals. In conjunction with optional relay cards, Discreet I/O can be used to monitor and control many devices in the robotic work cell.

Built In Vision Sensor

The advanced features of the Nachi FD11 Controller features allows for simple connection to any vision system using an Ethernet or Serial connection. In addition, the Nachi FD11 Controller also features extended vision guidance capabilities with the fully integrated vision system NV-Pro.

Analog I/O

Allows connection of up to two channels of analog signal input and four channels of analog output. The analog signals range from -10V – +10V and can be used to send or receive proportional signals. These are typically used to control dispensing rate, arc welder output values or air pressure.

Conveyor Synchronization

The conveyor syncronization board option allows robots to follow and pick or place parts on moving conveyors. Using this technology, the robot can interpret conveyor belt speed and modify program speeds to automatically match. Conveyor synchronization is especially useful in high speed pick and place applications of continuously flowing products.


The Robot Monitoring Unit (RMU20) is a Category 4 and PLe compliant system, which monitors the robot position and speed so as to shut off the robot’s power when its position or speed are deemed to be irregular. The robot position monitoring system consists of safety circuits using microcomputers and semiconductors and input/output signals, redundant safety signals and other signals from the process control panel are connected as the input/output signals from outside the robot controller.
Quick disconnect robot and teach pendant cables
RIA compliant safety circuits (gate plug, e-stop & mat switch)
Teach pendant USB port for data backups
Two controller USB ports for data backups
5.7″ color touch screen teach pendant with three position dead man switch and thumb wheel for high speed scrolling (IP65 rated for harsh manufacturing environments)
IP54 rated NEMA 12 approved enclosure (Drip Proof / Dust Proof)
Operational switches on controller (start, stop, motors on, teach/playback selector, e-stop)


480VAC 3-phase primary power (other voltages available to suit location of installation)