FlexGui is a graphical user interface running on Nachi Robotics’ advanced FD11 robot controller that allows the user to easily create nice looking and intuitive user interfaces that can be programmed to meet any operator’s skill level. User interface screens are touch screen optimized and cross functional across teach pendants, PC’s and mobile devices. It can also be used for a variety of control functions.

FlexGui Brochure


FlexGui interfaces can provide:

  • Complete work cell control
  • Production data tracking
  • Cell initialization and operation
  • Manual override functionality
  • Testing and diagnostic functionality
  • Customized help screens

The FlexGui family of innovative technology solutions also includes:

  • FlexGui Toolbox on the PC (Download)
  • FlexGui Anywhere on smart phones and tablets
  • FlexGui Remote
  • FlexGui Reporting

Together, FlexGui interface solutions provide the most flexibility offered from any robot company for interfacing modern devices with advanced manufacturing processes. Click here for FlexGui licensing information.