FlexGui is a graphical user interface running on Nachi Robotics’ advanced FD11 robot controller that allows the user to easily create nice looking and intuitive user interfaces that can be programmed to meet any operator’s skill level. User interface screens are touch screen optimized and cross functional across teach pendants, PC’s and mobile devices. It can also be used for a variety of control functions.

FlexGui Brochure


FlexGui interfaces can provide:

  • Complete work cell control
  • Production data tracking
  • Cell initialization and operation
  • Manual override functionality
  • Testing and diagnostic functionality
  • Customized help screens

The FlexGui family of innovative technology solutions also includes:

  • FlexGui Toolbox on the PC (Download)
  • FlexGui Anywhere on smart phones and tablets (iPhone, Android)
  • FlexGui Remote
  • FlexGui Reporting

Together, FlexGui interface solutions provide the most flexibility offered from any robot company for interfacing modern devices with advanced manufacturing processes. Click here for FlexGui licensing information.

FlexGUI Toolbox

FlexGui Toolbox is a PC based integrated development environment for FlexGui. It can be considered the hub of all your FlexGui enabled robots, with features for simulation, remote control and multi-robot management. NACHI’s FDonDesk simulation tool is also included, which results in a seamless transition from offline to online testing.

User Interface development in FlexGui Toolbox provides “What you see is what you get” ease of programming, and you can therefore drag and drop widgets and other elements onto the screen and instantly see the results. When you program features into your projects, you can choose between two languages; FG-SLIM (based on NACHI’s SLIM), and JavaScript. This enables programmers at different levels and from different backgrounds to create great projects for your industrial robots. When programming, one also has easy access to a Variable Wizard which provides an overview of all variables available to your project.

FlexGUI Remote

FlexGui Remote is an advanced remote operation solution component of the FlexGui Toolbox. If an operator in your factory is in need of assistance, an expert can help within seconds. Through FlexGui Remote, the expert can monitor and assist the operator with both FlexGui and NACHI’s standard user interface. If you don’t have a FlexGui license the remote assistance solution will only apply to the standard interface.

When a remote assistance session is undergoing, the robot operator is be able to see all the actions that the remote expert is performing and vice versa. This makes it easy for the robot operator to explain the problem. Conversely, the robot operator will easily see and learn how to solve the problem while the expert is showing the solution. The robot operator can also intervene and stop the session at any point. If you want to expand FlexGui Remote to include control from smartphones, tablets as well as any modern browser try FlexGui Anywhere.

FlexGUI Anywhere

FlexGui Anywhereenables you to monitor and control your robots as well as assist your robot operators from your smartphone, tablet or browser. This is done by extending the FlexGui Remote feature which gives you unparalleled convenience and flexibility in remote support and assistance to your shop floor or clients.

FlexGUI Reporting

FlexGui Reporting is a management solution for FlexGui-enabled robots. With FlexGui Reporting, the robots report their progress, process parameters, errors and what ever information you want to keep track of. Through FlexGui Reporting’s interface the user can easily create charts and graphs for the data, and follow any developments in your factory or shop floor as they happen!

The instant availability of the progress and process parameters makes FlexGui Reporting an invaluable tool for factory management. Getting an overview of your factory’s current capacity and tolerances to support your decision process has never been easier!